(another PICO-8 game from me)


Z: Start game/cycle things to move (eyes, nose)
Arrows: move the things
S: Randomise whole face
D: Change eye type
F: Change face type
X: Cycle blep amount


Thrown together in a few hours but really came out well I think. It's a lot of fun to mess with.

Begun just before this tweet:

Lexaloffle BBS thread: here.

#1GAM February 2017.

Install instructions

The game should work great in the browser whether downloaded or not! Download the ZIP and put both files in the same folder, then double-click on 'blep.html'. It should open like a normal webpage.

If you have PICO-8 and want to check out the game's code/etc. or just play it in the 'real thing', download either blep.p8 or blep.p8.png to your pico-8/carts directory, then load from within the game with 'load blep'.


Download 328 kB
blep.p8.png 6 kB
blep.p8 55 kB

Development log

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